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The Unspoken Power Of Networking

Thinking about the purpose of connecting, collaborating, & sharing, I have chosen the topic of “Networking” as an article for the amazing launch of WLU.

WLU Unspoken Power Of Networking

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Thinking about the purpose of connecting, collaborating, sharing and the magical impact of any type of networking group, I have chosen the topic of “Networking” as an article for the amazing launch of “Women Like Us” web site launch.

As my motto: From Union Comes Strengths.

Lets dive into the topic.

Networking is the number 1 unwritten rule for success” – Sallie Krawcheck, sometimes referred to as the most powerful woman on Wall Street.

And indeed, it is “Work”. However, it is yet so powerful. Why? As people do business with people. With people we know or acquainted with, or we have a reference for this person. Hence, the fact is that job opportunities are given to humans who have got the “spot on “network.

The below section is describing the benefits, which types of networking groups we have, my famous networking wheel where you will be able to examine yours.

Expand your network with intention.

Coming from a corporate background myself, I know from experience that relationship building is highly important when it comes to be promoted, be on a new project, move to another department.

Personally, I always made sure that I attended town halls, read the latest about the company, newsletters, emails to be always informed on the strategy of the company, new projects, any new initiatives.

It is not always working in your bubble; it is also about how much you know what’s going in the organization.

You might say, I have got so much to do. Yes, you do, and work will never end.

Let me give you an example from my corporate business days (a while back now):

During a town hall I heard about a transformation program for our current billing system. This meant a huge change for internal and external stakeholders. At same time, it was a great opportunity to advance in my career and be part of the change.

Being in the meeting, I got to know the names of the project manager and I immediately approached him via email first.

The response was neither positive nor negative.

However, I did not leave it at that stage. I organized a call with the responsible manager to understand better what does this project entail and how I can be useful with my skills. Long story short, after some discussions, he gave me a position in this project, but this was not what I was expecting. It was more of a support role rather than a leading role. Still I accepted as my goal was to be part of this mega transformation. I started to get my feet into the details, was part of testing the system, which I did not like so much but gave me some insights. After one month, the right position occurred, as I was clearly articulating my desire to lead, he offered me the position of “Global Lead for Customer Experience”. I can’t express how happy I was.

Conclusion: network with intention, never give up, start from the basics, determination is key to success.

I would like to give you a framework that you can use to examine your own connections. Below this article you will find the “Networking Wheel” and how to use it, available as a free download.


A bit about me: Hulya Kurt

After my 32 years of experience in a multinational company, I followed my passion of coaching, workshop facilitation, mentoring and motivating empowering employees, companies, and teenagers to move forward in their professional and private life. I am certified, accredited coach specialized in career, self-development & teenagers, Managing Director of Noble Manhattan Coaching Switzerland, offering coach training programs to individuals to become coaches and companies upskilling their leaders and staff.

Where you can find me:

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